The Role Of Web Hosting In Increase Web Traffic

The Role Of Web Hosting In Increase Web Traffic

The Role Of Web Hosting In Increase Web Traffic

As you know, you have a website because people should visit it. Visitors are traffic. But generating a constant flow of new traffic takes up more time than almost any other task related to your website. With this in mind, web hosting companies now offer their customers the ability to generate traffic.

Submission A URL

One of the most basic and common ways a web hosting company can help you get traffic to your website is to submit your URL to major search engines like Google or Ask Jeeves for free. While this is undoubtedly a great convenience for submitting your URL to the major search engines, it's already free and doesn't take much time.

So, to impress you with their traffic-generating shenanigans, web hosting companies will have to do more than just that.

That said, some web hosting companies include free submissions in their free URL submission services, not only to search engines but also to directory sites (portals) for classified pages and blogs. This is more useful because you can make better use of your time. Just make sure you know exactly where the web hosting company submits your URL and where it doesn't.

It's not as simple as submitting your URL to each place once and leaving it there. To stay competitive (not to mention relevant), you need to resubmit your URLs to every place regularly. However, instead, it's unpopular and may even be bad for your traffic generation Resubmit your site too often or too often. 

If your web hosting company offers a free URL submission service, find out how often they resubmit it to each place and what guidelines they use to set a submission schedule.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Many web hosting companies offer free SEO tools and tips through their web hosting services. The purpose of SEO is to catapult your free listings on major search engines to the top of the first page of results for your chosen keyword.

There are several good ways significantly increase website traffic using SEO, including website reviews and SEO analysis keyword and keyword phrase suggestions, and the selection and header/footer/meta tag generation.

AnyWeb hosting companies that offer free SEO tools and their web hosting packages are well worth considering.

Reciprocal Linking Services

Web hosting companies can also offer reciprocal linking services that help you find other sites that already receive the targeted traffic you want, and arrange to publish links to each other's sites on your respective sites. This is another most effective and beneficial free-form Targeted lead generation. It's a plus if the web hosting company offers you free reciprocal linking help.

Reports And Tracking Tool

Probably the most valuable traffic tool a web hosting company can give you is tracking. Simple click tracking (tracking how many clicks your homepage/landing page gets) is not enough.

You want to understand and compare the number of unique and repeat visitors. you want to understand the paths that visitors click through your website. If you want to understand your conversion rate or the number of visits per visit type sign up or a sale.

The best web hosting companies will not only keep track of these statistics for you but will also generate reports that compare and evaluate the results and make recommendations on how to improve your traffic generation activities.

Well Designed Website

Don't underestimate the importance of a well-designed website. A site that can't be navigated or is unattractive will not keep visitors. Your host should have a program to help you build or design the site for what search engines and visitors want to see.

Keep Visitors On Your Website

The benefits of high traffic (ie: more traffic) go beyond just getting people to click on your site; you also have to keep them there. One of the best ways to keep your visitors interested is to provide interesting content related to what they are looking for.

Many web hosting companies will help you create compelling and relevant content to post on your website, and that content will play a key role; it will keep visitors on your website (and even click through to see more of you) have), it will give you better and better search engines ranking.

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