SEO Highlights For Google Patent Applications

SEO Highlights For Google Patent Applications

SEO Highlights For Google Patent Applications

The most recent Google patent application lists several components that the search engine employs to rank websites. The precise application is described as follows:

"A method for scoring a document, comprising: recognizing a document; collecting one or more types of history data related to the document, and creating a score for the document based on the one or more categories of history data."

The patent application provides important information for Google search engine optimization practitioners. The following highlights should be taken into account for your SEO efforts because patent filings can be challenging to interpret.

The Importance Of Updating Your Site

When it comes to maximizing your rankings on Google, updating your website is crucial. The patent application discloses that Google places significant importance on how frequently your material is updated in addition to the manipulation of keyword density and meta tags.

Google will consider your site to be more timely and relevant if you update more frequently. This then results in better rankings.

Think about implementing the following strategy to placate mighty Google:

  1. Regularly update pages.
  2. Expand your website's page count.
  3. Link the new pages to existing ones on your website.
  4. Instead of all at once, add fresh pages every week.

Make sure there is fresh information on the website so that Google will visit it again. The popularity of blog sites serves as proof of this strategy.

Google Is Analyzing Your Domain

In a novel turn, Google asserts that it considers the duration of domain registration when determining rankings. Longer domain registrations, according to the application, are valued more because they demonstrate that a site is not just a fly-by-night jump page. 

To maximize your efforts for search engine optimization, it is advised that you keep all domain registrations active for as long as feasible. It is impossible to determine how much the registration process affects ranking, but any influence is beneficial.

Google asserts that to assess the validity of the website, it also looks further into domain names. The site host and the "who is" information are considerations in the evaluation. The patent application claims that Google keeps a database of hosts that make it easier to spam the Google search engine.

Although the application does not go into depth about such hosts, please ask God that you are not. If your optimization efforts are failing to yield results, you should assess your host.

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