Making Your Blog Look Unique For Blogging Success

Making Your Blog Look Unique For Blogging Success

Making Your Blog Look Unique For Blogging Success

The layout of many blogs uses the same uninteresting templates or skins. While readers who access your blog through an RSS feed are unaffected by the template (until they click through to the blog), all other blog visitors who access the site through a web browser are.

The easier it is to establish brand awareness and a solid reputation that leads to viral marketing, the more distinctive looking a blog design must be.

Your blog won't stand out from the crowd and you'll lose readers if it looks exactly like dozens of other blogs. I've personally used free WordPress templates in the past. Minor adjustments were made, but they were never enough to make my blog stand out from others in a distinctive way.

The Main Specialty Of The Blog

Identifying a blog's primary specialty can be difficult with so many of them. What is a blogger's primary area of interest? A blog's topic is frequently impossible to determine, especially if you access it through an older posting in a search engine listing. Although older articles often do not display this information, the homepage may ultimately feature a brief paragraph describing the subject of a blog.

Alternatively, the blog owner may choose to completely omit to disclose his blog's primary goal. This is simple to integrate and contributes to the blog's unique appearance when utilizing a custom blog design.

Using A Custom Header As An Example

Using a custom header as an example might help you achieve the distinctive appearance you desire. First off, if it is distinctive, my blog will stand out more. Second, it might assist you to demonstrate the purpose of your blog and encourage visitors to return. 

Make your blog stand out from the crowd and ensure that readers understand its purpose. It does not necessarily follow that your blog will be of interest to them just because they locate one (one) posting on it that matches their search keyword. However, you might be able to pique their curiosity by explaining the true purpose of your site.

If you manage to pique their interest, you may get a new reader who a) returns to read more of your blog, and b) eventually informs other people about your excellent blog.

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