How Can You Become A Web Developer?

How Can You Become A Web Developer?

How Can You Become a Web Developer?

A career as a Web Developer will continue to be one of the most sought-after job roles over the next few years. With so many software companies releasing products every day, there is a constant need for more people who can create user experiences with their code.

As technology advances and businesses begin to rely on websites more heavily than ever before, so too do opportunities for those who can help build them from the ground up.

Here are some pointers for those who want to learn website design using HTML and CSS without a CMS.

  1. CSS
  2. HTML
  3. JavaScript / JQuery Javascript / JQuery)
  4. Bootstrap
  5. PSD to HTML

1. The CSS

CSS (cascading style sheets) is a style language that allows for multiple designs on a website. It is not a programming language; Rather, it provides the structure for CSS. You may become a CSS expert, even though you cannot finish CSS. It is not a programming language, but rather a style language.

Practicing for a long time will lead to the result. You may learn CSS in one month to build your primary web pages, or you may learn in two weeks, depending on your desire.


You may have heard of responsive web design before. It's a technique to make your website look good on all kinds of devices and resolutions. That way, users will have an optimal experience with whatever device they're using to access it.

To work with web design, you must have a thorough comprehension of HTML, a markup language. It may take you 8-10 days to study HTML, and the time required depends on you.

3. JavaScript / Jquery

Javascript is used to create various animations or other design elements on a website. Learning JavaScript might take you 3–4 months.

JQuery is a JavaScript library that supports all web browsers. It supports a variety of sliders, drop-down menus, and other effects. You will use it here to create many functions.

4. The Bootstrap

The Bootstrap framework is quite popular. You can use it to construct your responsive web page using this framework. You can locate the official website for Bootstrap on Google, which provides information about it. It takes about two to three weeks to master, but the time required depends on your interest.

5. PSD to HTML

A graphics designer designs what a website looks like, and a web designer makes it a reality. You will receive a design for client work and have to make a website with pictures, logos, fonts, etc. from it.

Try to handle PSD to HTML conversion as much as possible, because the more you practice, the better you get. If you want to create a new design, your abilities will improve.

Having finished all of the above, you may be referred to as a web designer, but keep in mind that you should have a decent grasp of WordPress. There are indeed many website designers nowadays, but they all use a CMS. However, the quantity of core-level designers is smaller, and hence it may be said to be insignificant.

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