An Excellent Way To Enhance The Results Of Your Blog

An Excellent Way To Enhance The Results Of Your Blog

An Excellent Way To Enhance The Results Of Your Blog

How many of you who read this regularly update your blogs? I'd guess quite a few, based on recent numbers. Are you, however, maximizing the impact of that effort on your outcomes? If you aren't sending your blog content to a few article directories, then the answer is no!

Why Do People Blog?

Every blogger has a motivation, even if it's merely to have a certain amount of people read their opinions. Other motivations to blog could be to link to commercial websites in your postings, increase search engine traffic to generate income, or possibly get links to your blog to raise its PageRank (PR).

Whenever you make a post, you have the chance to include outbound links, improve it for search engines, and monetize it with ads.

Articles Vs Blog Posts

I like to think of the difference as being that blog entries are typically more approachable. HTML can be used to add links and another formatting to your article as needed. Articles are far more limiting. You should modify your blog article to remove all HTML except for subheadings that are presented as bold text to provide you with the most available possibilities.

Using Old Posts As New Articles

Why end your writing after you publish a blog entry? You might publish your unique blog entries to article directories with almost any additional work. You can anticipate having a link to you from the author's bio you offer every time another webmaster uses your article.

This enables you to raise your site's search engine rankings for the terms you select, draw links to raise your PR, and get more people to visit it.

These are the same steps you take when you first start writing a blog post! If you aren't making use of the connections that blogs and article directors may make, you should start. The payoff is potentially enormous, and the work required is low.

I will offer one word of caution, though. In most cases, duplicate information is recognized by search engines and removed from the search engine results page. If your article receives attention from search engines, web surfers might locate it elsewhere rather than on your website. Simply be sure to edit your post and leave out any keywords you want to target.

Submit Posts To Article Directories

There are several different article directories from which to choose. I use a directory of articles that also offers a distribution service. Because the article distribution service will take care of the extra workload for me, I can add my article to just one site rather than adding it to a ton manually of other sites.

Steps For Applying To The Article Guide

The steps involved in submitting an article to a directory are: creating an account or logging in; clicking on a submit icon; pasting my blog post into the form; adding a brief bio with a link to my blog, blog post, or related website; and finally previewing the outcome before confirming my submission. It's that easy.

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